What's the basic approach?

  • The mind is the part of your brain that you experience. It is the part of your brain that faces you, like the screen of your smart phone -- this is the Front-End (user interface). You use your screen to manage the function of your phone. Similarly, you use your mind to manage the function of your brain.
  • Your physical brain is the part that operates and dictates what and how your mind experiences. It is the part that you don't see but you know it's working, like the operating system deep in your smart phone -- this is the Back-End (operating system). You use the operating system to keep your phone functional. And, you need your brain to perform well so you have a functional mind with good signals.

The primary goal is to manage the Front-End (user interface, mind) in order to facilitate a strong experience that can influence the Back-End (operating system, physical brain) to make substantial changes through neuroplasticity. Essentially, to make the brain wire better with stronger synapses and more diverse connections. 

Our focused efforts can make real changes to our processing and performance. It is important not to wait until you experience a problem -- rather, begin strengthening your brain now to build up a buffer of sorts. A dedicated cognitive reserve to keep our performance at higher levels for longer periods of time.